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We know you really don't want to give her a small diamond. But a big diamond is expensive — unless you do the really smart thing and buy a bigger Diamond from Freddy Diamonds that costs 40-50% less than other jewelers' diamonds.

Which means with the cheap diamonds here at Freddy Diamonds, you get more diamond for the dollar.
And none of the pressure to get you to spend more than you need to.

Our Diamonds are the brilliant way for you to get that big diamond for her.

You're already asking:

  • Who is Freddy Diamonds?
  • How can it cost 40-50% less?

We're glad you asked. Our Freddy Difference section gives you a complete, detailed understanding of who we are and how we take a 100% all-natural, mined from the earth diamond and make its imperfections appear 99% less noticeable to the naked eye.

But because it still technically has the imperfections — though they're almost impossible to see even with a jeweler's 10x magnifying glass — the cheap diamonds cost us and you much less. Simple as that.

Here's the Freddy Diamonds Pricing Chart that most diamond merchants don't want you to see.


What you're looking at is the reason Freddy Diamonds' customers are so happy to get their cheap diamond engagement rings from us.

Those prices on the far right column for our diamonds are at least 40-50% less than other jewelers' diamonds of the same size, color and clarity.

CaratColorClarityCutShapePriceZalesBlue NileHelzberg
0.50 F-G Vs2-Si1 Very Good Any $849 $1,877 $1,300 $2,100
0.75 F-G Vs2-Si1 Very Good Any $1,199 $1,877 $1,300 $3,800
1.00 F-G Vs2-Si1 Very Good Any $2,699 $7,200 $5,500 $7,700
1.25 F-G Vs2-Si1 Very Good Any $3,499 $15,200 $9,600 $13,400
1.50 F-G Vs2-Si1 Very Good Any $4,799 $18,300 $11,440 $15,000
1.75 F-G Vs2-Si1 Very Good Any $6,799 $22,000 $17,000 $18,000
2.00 F-G Vs2-Si1 Very Good Any $8,899 $26,600 $21,000 $22,900
2.25 F-G Vs2-Si1 Very Good Any $9,999 $35,000 $31,000 $35,900
2.50+ F-G Vs2-Si1 Very Good Any Call  

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Real Diamonds 99.98% Eye Clean
30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Lifetime Warranty

The first column, Carat, tells you the size, from small (.50 or ½-Carat) to a nice, big 2.5 + Carat diamond.
The second column, Color, tells you the color of the diamond, which is F to G, which is a highly preferable color range, representing a spectrum from colorless to near colorless.
The third column, Clarity, is the degree of blemishes or imperfections a diamond has. The blemishes in all Freddy Diamonds discount diamonds run in the Vs2-Si1 range, which are very difficult to see even under magnification category to the easy to see under magnification range
The fourth column, Cut, really means how shiny a diamond ends up looking. In this important category, every Freddy Diamonds diamond is Good to Very Good,
The fifth column, Shape, refers to the diamond's being Round Cut or Oval Cut or one of six other popular shapes of our cheap diamonds.
Price, is why you're at Freddy Diamonds to begin with: at least 30% - 45% less. Put another way, we just helped you afford a much bigger diamond. If you went anywhere else looking for a cheap diamond engagement ring you would likely get just that, and be disappointed with a much smaller stone.

See why other diamond merchants don't want you to see this chart? Well, it's too bad for them, because you've seen it.

The diamond for the love of your life deserves
a lifetime guarantee.

We guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied with our 100% all-natural, mined from the earth diamonds that come with a GIA appraisal. But we didn"t build our reputation for placing our customers first by cutting corners with our promises to them about our inexpensive engagement rings.

That's why you'll get a full 30 days after you receive your Freddy Diamonds ring to return it to us for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

But we"re so sure you"ll want to keep it and enjoy it for a lifetime, we also guarantee that your Freddy diamond will last a lifetime. So you can feel confident that your diamond will always be as beautiful as it was on the day you gave it to her.

Of course you have questions!

Please call our diamond experts right now!

(212) 265-1915